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Warning Signs To Look Out For On Your Tongue

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Did you know that the tongue is a powerful indicator of your overall health? The tongue can provide telltale signs about what’s happening inside your body, so paying attention to any changes is essential. Let’s look at eight things your tongue can tell about your health. 

Dry Mouth

If you have a consistently dry mouth or notice that saliva production has decreased significantly, it could be due to dehydration or an underlying medical condition such as diabetes. Additionally, certain medications can also cause dry mouth. 

Bumps & Swelling

Small bumps on the back of the tongue are usual, but if these bumps become enlarged and swollen, this could be a sign of an infection or even oral cancer. It is vital to get this checked out by a dental professional as soon as possible. 

White Patches

White patches on the tongue can be caused by smoking, dehydration, thrush (an infection caused by yeast), or even syphilis. See your dentist immediately if white patches appear suddenly and last longer than two weeks. 

Teeth Marks

Teeth marks along the edges of the tongue may indicate that you grind your teeth while sleeping—a condition known as bruxism—which can lead to long-term tooth damage if left untreated. Consider visiting a dentist specializing in sleep medicine for treatment options, such as wearing an oral appliance to prevent further damage from teeth grinding/clenching during sleep. 


Redness, along with pain and burning sensations, can occur when hot foods are eaten too quickly or spicy foods are consumed in large quantities—this usually resolves within 24 hours without any medical intervention needed beyond cooling down with cold beverages like water or milk and eating bland food until symptoms subside. However, a medical professional should constantly evaluate redness accompanied by lumps or bumps just to be safe!  

Geographic Tongue

Geographic tongue is characterized by patches of redness with raised borders on top of the tongue that resemble continents on a map; this condition is generally harmless but may cause discomfort in some cases and should be monitored for changes over time just in case it does require medical attention at some point in the future.


Thrush is an infection caused by yeast that causes white patches on the surface of the tongue (as well as other areas inside the mouth), which may have a cottage cheese-like consistency; thrush requires treatment with antifungal medication prescribed by your doctor, so do not hesitate to seek medical attention if you suspect thrush is present!  

Swollen Taste Buds

Swollen taste buds typically appear as small red bumps on either side of the tip or sides of one’s tongue; this condition is usually caused by irritation due to consuming hot/spicy foods or drinking alcohol too quickly and will usually resolve itself within 1-2 days without medical intervention needed.


The mouth may seem like just another part of our anatomy, but it serves many purposes beyond eating and speaking! Paying attention to changes in our tongues can give us insight into our overall health. For example, conditions such as dry mouth could indicate dehydration, while lumps/bumps may need further evaluation from a healthcare provider. By being aware of how our tongues function, we are better equipped to make informed decisions about our bodies, ultimately leading us toward healthier lives!  Regular visits to your dentist for checkups will also help ensure that any changes in your mouth get addressed before they become more significant problems down the road, so don’t forget those cleanings! With all these tips in mind, we hope we have encouraged everyone to take their oral health seriously because, after all–your health starts from within! 

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