All You Need To Know About The Usefulness Of Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment in San Diego

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Root canal therapy aims to clean out the infected root canal, prevent the tooth from getting infected again, and save the original tooth. During a root canal, the inflamed or sick pulp is removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned, sanitized, filled, and sealed. You can visit Aero Dentistry for the best root canal treatment in San Diego, CA.

During Root Canal Therapy, What Happens?

Don’t worry if your dentist or endodontist tells you you need a root canal to fix a damaged or decayed tooth. This kind of care takes away the pain and makes millions of teeth healthy again every year.

Inside your tooth, you can find soft tissue called pulp under the white enamel and the hard dentin. This tissue helps the tooth’s root grow by having blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. A fully grown tooth may be able to live without the pulp because it still gets food from the tissues around it.

Traditional sayings are nothing compared to a modern root canal. Depending on the condition of your tooth and your situation, it can often be done in one or two visits and is very similar to a regular filling. A root canal is very helpful and doesn’t hurt too much. You’ll be able to smile, bite, and eat with ease again in no time.

How to Get Root Canals Done?

Endodontic surgery, a root canal, is a risky surgery that doctors often do. Before any dental procedure, it’s essential to know the facts about root canals.

How Bad Do Root Canals Hurt?

Since patients are given anesthesia, getting a root canal isn’t any worse than getting a filling or having a wisdom tooth pulled. A root canal, on the other hand, can leave the tooth a little sore or numb after the treatment, and it may even hurt a little for a few days.

How Can You Tell If You Need A Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is needed when a tooth has a deep cavity, is broken because of an accident or due to progression of dental caries. When patients notice that their teeth are sensitive, especially hot and cold, they may need a root canal.

There Are A Few Signs That Might Mean You Need A Root Canal:

  • When you bite or chew  it hurts a lot.
  • Heat or cold sensitivity can last long after the event when a tooth is broken or chipped.
  • Enlarged or sensitive gums
  • Deep tooth decay or inflamed gums

Can I Still Go To School Or Work After Getting a Root Canal?

Most people can return to work or school right after getting a root canal, even though they will probably be numb for 2 to 4 hours. People say you should wait to eat until the numbness has completely disappeared.

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost?

Prices vary based on the problem’s complexity and which tooth is affected. Since it’s harder to treat molars, the cost is often higher. Most dental insurance plans cover at least some endodontic treatments.

Endodontic therapy and fixing a tooth naturally are less expensive than pulling the tooth. A missing tooth must be replaced with an implant or bridge so the person can chew again and the other teeth don’t move. Most of the time, these procedures cost more than endodontic therapy and a good restoration.

If you are looking for the best root canal treatment in San Diego, CA, then you can visit Aero Dentistry in the San Diego location.

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