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Reasons Your Root Canal Requires A Second Visit

Root Canal Treatment San Diego

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Many dentists in San Diego prefer to do root canals throughout two separate appointments, which isn’t a big deal. To find out why to keep reading. A root canal is needed when the enamel on the outside of a tooth has been damaged, and the tooth’s internal nerve has been damaged, so it needs to be cleaned out. Before having a root canal, the patient is likely to be very sensitive to hot and cold and may feel pain when putting pressure on their tooth.

There were two separate appointments

Our dentist in San Diego will first put the patient under local anesthesia to ensure they are entirely numb to finish the root canal. When they are done, they will remove all the signs of decay from the tooth. They will then go into the tooth’s root canal and remove the nerve. They will then clean and sanitize the area, as well. Putting gutta-percha in the hole in the tooth will keep it from getting infected, so the dentist will do that to keep the tooth safe. When the tooth is done, it is filled with a large, temporary filling to protect it from damage. There comes a time when the patient is asked to come back for their next visit.

The temporary filling is taken out at the second appointment. Then, a long-term filling is put in the hole in the tooth. If the dentist thinks it’s necessary, before the filling is put in, a pin will be placed in the tooth to make sure it’s vital. After our dentist in San Diego fills in the tooth, they will have an x-ray done for documentation and ensure the root canal was done correctly.

It may also be necessary to make a second appointment for the following reasons:

  • An obstruction in the canal stops the dentist from getting to the end of the canal.
  • Calcified Canals.
  • If the tooth is infected, it may take a while for the infection to clear up. The dentist will put medicine in the mouth that helps the healing and clearing of the disease, and when the condition is gone, our dentist will start again.
  • Our dentist in San Diego may need to spend more time on the treatment in some cases because there may be an extra canal.

Suppose I need a crown

Our San Diego dentist will start shaving away to round the teeth and make them fit for crowns to protect the root canals. Temporary crowns will be given to the patient to leave the office with. They will get their permanent crown when it comes back from the lab for fabrication, which usually takes a few weeks or so. As part of the root canal procedure, two separate appointments are made. This way, you can ensure that the tooth is cleaned, sealed, and protected from any more damage.

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