Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentist in San Diego, CA

At Aero Dentistry we take special care so that our patients do not suffer from any sort of dental pain. However, emergencies don’t come with prior warnings. It could occur at any moment. This is why our dentists are always prepared to deal with any kind of dental emergency. Starting from an accident to bleeding gums, our team of dental experts can handle anything. If you require immediate medical attention, you only need to call our emergency dentist. Our team will schedule your appointment right away!

The first few minutes following an accident are important in deciding whether or not your recovery will be successful. Dental trauma caused due to accidents is very common. It could happen due to some falls, sports injuries, or even vehicle accidents. We provide immediate attention to any kind of dental emergency during office hours. After office hours our emergency dentists are just one call away!

Emergency Dentistry

What Kind Of Dental Emergencies Do We Treat?

Our emergency dentists are perfectly trained to deal with any type of emergency dental situation. As soon as you walk into our dental office our staff will continuously try to minimize your discomfort and deal with your dental trauma without wasting any crucial time. We are equipped in dealing with the following dental emergencies.

Some Instructions From Our Emergency Dentists To Deal With Common Emergencies

Call us at (858) 277-2999 if you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above. Our emergency dentists at San Diego, CA will provide you with the most convenient solutions and treat your dental emergency without wasting your precious time! Book your appointment today!
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