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Dental Implants: Definition, Purpose & Benefits

Dental Implants San Diego CA

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An accident, a tooth injury, or illness may cause you to lose one or more natural teeth. A dental implant is the best option for restoring your missing tooth in this scenario. A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth that perfectly replaces a missing tooth. It is surgically inserted into the jawbone and can help you chew more effectively. Dental implants, unlike dentures, do not necessitate the use of other teeth for support. Our dentists at Aero Dentistry have provided all the information about implant dentistry in this blog.

What Are Dental Implants?

Let’s begin with a brief overview of dental implants. Dental roots that have been surgically attached to your jaw. The implant is usually connected to the fake tooth. These implants provide constant support for your custom-made replacement tooth. Over time, these implants will fuse with your bone, producing a solid foundation for your teeth. This protects your teeth’s structure and decreases the chance of further decay and damage.

Purpose Of Using Implants

Your favorite San Diego has provided the reason we use implants in the following section.

  • It enhances one’s self-confidence.
  • It ensures that the jaw is structured correctly.
  • Improves chewing ability.
  • It improves the bite’s tensile strength.
  • It assists in the preservation of jaw alignment.
  • People who have lost a tooth can regain their ability to speak.

Benefits Of Implant Dentistry

The best dentist in San Diego has listed the oral health benefits of implant dentistry in this section.

  • One of the most significant advantages of a dental implant is that it acts in the same way as natural teeth. It restores the chewing capacity of teeth. You will never have a problem cleaning and flossing your teeth.
  • Because it is comprised of titanium, it easily fits into the jawbone. It is also completely biocompatible. As a result, it will never be rejected by the body. It is the most acceptable choice for persons who are missing a tooth.
  • After teeth are lost, there is an empty gap in the jawbone. The jawbone will continue to deteriorate if this area is not filled quickly. The chewing power of the teeth is restored because dental implants replace both the tooth and the root.
  • TMJ issues may develop as a result of a faulty bite. Because of the gap left by a lost tooth, the teeth on each side may migrate towards it. The teeth will shift out of position; as a result, diminishing their biting capacity. Dental implants can be used to fix gaps in the teeth.
  • Dental implants by your San Diego dentist can seal backs. The space left by a missing tooth traps food and bacteria. This can lead to a gum infection in the long run. As a result, it’s natural to believe that dental implants can help avoid periodontal disease.

We hope this blog has helped you to learn more about dental implants. Get in touch with us at Aero Dentistry if you are looking for the best dental implants in San Diego, CA.

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