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Several Types Of Dental Emergencies That We Need To Know

Dental Emergency Treatment San Diego

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In general, any dental emergency requiring rapid treatment to stop bleeding, alleviate extreme pain, or save a tooth is termed a dental emergency. This is also true of severe infections that can be fatal.

With prompt action and the appropriate first aid therapy, you can avoid long-term harm and reclaim your oral health.

Several Typical Dental Emergencies which we need to know:

1. Severe toothache

Pain is never a good sign: it can signify several other health problems, including tooth decay. While some toothaches are tolerable without emergency treatment, specific symptoms – such as swelling – necessitate prompt attention.

Avoid using over-the-counter medications such as aspirin or other pain relievers since contact with the damaged gums can cause the tissue to burn. Rather than that, apply a cold compress to the outside of your cheek and contact an emergency dental clinic.

Once your treatment is complete, your dentist will emphasize the critical nature of proper oral hygiene to prevent cavities, tooth decay, and other severe dental disorders.

2. Broken or chipped teeth

Did you bite down a little too hard on something? A chipped or broken tooth does more than detract from your gorgeous smile; it can also be painful. Then, using a cold compress on the site of your face closest to the broken or chipped tooth will help to minimize swelling and pain.

While seeking emergency dental care, your dentist will urge you to avoid biting down on hard or crunchy foods, as well as sports and other activities that could result in teeth breaking or chipping.

3. A tooth that has been damaged

Similarly, as with a chipped or fractured tooth, pick up the tooth by the crown and only rinse the root if it is unclean. Otherwise, avoid cleaning and removing tissue bits that are connected.

Depending on the severity of the injury, you may be able to reattach the tooth, but take care not to press it into the socket. The sooner you can do this – ideally within an hour – the greater your chances are of salvaging and reattaching a knocked-out tooth.

If you cannot reinsert the tooth, place it in a small cup of milk or water with a pinch of salt. This will aid in preserving the tooth until it can be restored in an emergency at our Toronto dental office.

4. Absence of a filling or crown

Crowns and fillings are used to repair teeth that have been damaged to their optimal appearance and function. Therefore, you must treat them immediately to avoid further harm or reinfection if this ruptures.

While you wait for emergency dental care, try this temporary cure. A sugar free gum can be added to protect the cavity. Additionally, you can place the restoration in a zip-top bag and bring it to your dentist’s practice for reapplication or replacement.

5. Orthodontic appliances that have failed

Braces are durable – these metal wires and brackets are made to resist regular wear and tear associated with biting, eating, and even speaking. Even so, they can shatter or protrude, poking your cheeks and gums. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also stall or even reverse tooth alignment and straightening progress.

When this occurs, you might attempt to reposition the damaged wire. If covering the exposed end with orthodontic wax, a small cotton ball, or a piece of gauze is not possible, cover it with orthodontic wax, a small cotton ball, or a portion of gauze. Regardless of how inconvenient, do not cut the wire to avoid swallowing.

6. An abscess

Infections in the mouth, particularly those at the tooth root or in the space between the teeth and gums, are dangerous. When left untreated, these infections can spread to adjacent teeth and gum tissue, as well as to the rest of the body.

Are you unsure whether you have an abscess? Examine your gums for a sore, pimple-like swollen area. Contact our Toronto dental office immediately for emergency treatment to avert worsening oral health problems. Rinse your mouth with a gentle water solution and apply ice to the swollen area for temporary comfort.

7. Bleeding and discomfort following tooth extraction

While some post-operative pain and bleeding are typical, if these symptoms persist for more than an hour, it’s time to see your dentist. Rinsing, drinking, eating, and sucking, spitting, and smoking are all prohibited.

The Fundamentals of Dental Emergency Prevention

1. Always wear a mouthguard

Are you a sports enthusiast? Demonstrate your passion for the game without jeopardizing your flawless smile. Avoid harsh plays that could damage your face and mouth or cause you to chip or lose a tooth.

2. Keep a close eye on what and how you eat

Although human teeth are rugged, you’d be shocked how easily a tooth can shatter or chip. Hard confectionery and rough foods are only two of the many ways that teeth that are usually strong, straight, and attractive can be damaged. The most effective technique to avoid this is to pause before biting. If you’re considering feeding your sweet taste, resist – it’s not worth the danger of breaking a tooth or developing cavities from too much sugar.

3. Refrain from chewing on anything else

Numerous individuals have oral fixations, such as biting their nails and chewing on pen caps and other non-food products. However, did you realize that these unhealthy practices might result in cracked or chipped teeth? You can break these harmful behaviors by keeping your hands occupied and chewing sugarless gum to divert mouth fixations, which stimulates saliva production and cleanses microorganisms.

If you want an immediate emergency dental treatment in San Diego, CA contact Aero Dentistry in San Diego, CA to get the best Dental Emergency Treatment.

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