Dental Crowns Can Restore Your Smile’s Youthful Health

dental crowns

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Preparing a tooth for a dental crown is essential to restoring oral health. A crown is a cap-like restoration, usually made of porcelain or metal, covering the entire visible part of the tooth and restoring it to its original shape and size. The process of preparing a tooth for a dental crown involves several steps. This article will explain those steps so you can decide which dental procedure is right for you.

Dental crowns are commonly used to restore teeth damaged due to cavities, chips, fractures, or discoloration. Crowns can also protect weak teeth from further damage or decay and improve the appearance of your smile. Preparing a tooth for a dental crown is an important part of dental restoration and involves several steps. Understanding those steps can help you make an informed decision about which dental procedure is right for you.

Steps Involved in Preparation

The first step in preparing a tooth for a dental crown is examining it and determining whether it needs repair or replacement. If the damage to the tooth is minimal, the dentist may be able to patch up any existing holes or chips with dental composite material. If more extensive repair work is needed, your dentist will likely need to perform additional treatments, such as root canal therapy, before proceeding with the dental crown placement process.

Creating Space

Once the dental examination is complete, the dentist will prepare the tooth for dental crown placement. This process starts with creating space in the mouth so that the dental crown fits properly. To do this, the dentist will use a dental drill to remove some of the enamel and underlying dentin around the tooth. The amount of material that needs to be removed will depend on how much room is needed for the crown to fit over your existing tooth structure.

Taking Impressions

The next step in preparing a tooth for a dental crown involves taking impressions of your teeth. Dental laboratories use impressions to create custom-fitted dental crowns that look natural and blend in with your surrounding teeth. To take the dental impressions, your dentist will use dental putty or a dental laser to scan your mouth and create a replica of your dental structure. This impression is then sent to the dental lab for fabrication.

Temporary Restoration

Once all the necessary steps have been taken to prepare the tooth for dental crown placement, a temporary restoration is placed over it until the final dental crown is ready. The temporary restoration helps protect your tooth while you wait for the permanent dental crown to be made and also allows you to get used to having something new in your mouth before it becomes permanent.


Preparing a tooth for a dental crown is important in restoring oral health. By understanding the steps involved in dental crown preparation, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which dental procedure is right for you.

Q: What materials are dental crowns made from?

A: Dental crowns can be made from various materials, including porcelain and metal alloys. Your dentist will help you determine which material is best for your dental needs.

Q: How long does it take to prepare a tooth for a dental crown?

A: The amount of time needed to prepare a tooth for a dental crown depends on the extent of the damage and how much repair work needs to be done before placement. Typically, it takes at least two dental appointments to complete the dental crown preparation process.

Q: How long will my dental crown last?

A: The lifespan of a dental crown depends on how well you take care of your oral health. Proper oral hygiene habits, such as brushing twice daily and flossing regularly, can help ensure that your dental crown lasts for many years. Most dental crowns can last up to 15 years or more with proper care.

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