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What Happens In A Dental Crown Procedure?

Dental Crown Treatment San Diego

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A dental crown may be required for a variety of reasons. You may have had your teeth badly stained, cracked, or had a root canal, or your tooth may have a huge filling. Other cosmetic considerations may also demand the use of a crown. For a better understanding, our dentists at Aero Dentistry have outlined all of the steps involved in a dental crown operation in this blog.

Your favorite San Diego dentist has outlined all of the steps involved in placing your dental crowns in this section. Take a look to learn more.

First Appointment

You cannot realize that you need a dental crown on your own. You must first speak with your dentist in San Diego, who will thoroughly examine your oral health condition and determine whether a crown is required. A review of your dental health record and present problems is usually included in the initial visit.

Sedating The Affected Region

The process starts with the numbing of the damaged tooth. A general or local anesthetic is used to numb the damaged tooth and its adjacent tissues. This is because the dental tool may get close to the gingival tissues.

Taking The First Impressions

Following the numbing procedure, precise models of your maxillary and mandibular arches are required for the dental lab. This is necessary to create a proper dental crown for you that fits your teeth perfectly and makes you feel comfortable.

Preparing The Affected Tooth For Dental Work

This is one of the most important steps in this dental treatment procedure. The dental crown looks and functions like a normal tooth, but it has a gap inside it, similar to a dental cap, and it must be placed over the damaged tooth. As a result, for the permanent dental crown to fit comfortably, the damaged tooth must be correctly modified and sculpted. For the dental crown to fit smoothly and firmly on top of the damaged tooth, a piece of the tooth must be filed down or trimmed. This involves some tooth preparation by your dentist in San Diego.

Taking The Final Impression

A second impression is essential after tooth preparation since even the tiniest error in the dental crown can compromise the entire treatment. As a result, the simplest strategy to avoid a poorly-fitting crown is to avoid any impression flaws. The material used by your San Diego dentist is polyvinyl siloxane. The patient is asked to bite down on the material that has been placed in the impression tray. To acquire a perfectly accurate impression, the dental care professional may take many impressions. The crown is then created and placed into the oral cavity.

We hope this blog has helped you to understand more about the dental crown procedure. Get in touch with us at Aero Dentistry if you are looking for the best dental crowns in San Diego, CA.

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